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How to reach Conference Venue?

By Plane:

Wroclaw Airport is located about 10 km from the city center. The direct bus goes between the airport and the city center (45 minutes). A bus stop named PORT LOTNICZY is located in from of the exit from the airport. The last stop of this bus is called DWORZEC GŁÓWNY (DWORCOWA) and is located near the main railway station with good public transport communication (buses and trams) to each part of the city.

Bus number 106 goes between the airport (bus stop: PORT LOTNICZY) and the city center (last stop: DWORZEC GŁÓWNY (DWORCOWA)) 4 times per hour during the day (between 5 a.m. and 11 p.m.). Night bus number 206 goes through the same route during the night (midnight – 5 a.m.) one time per hour.

Exact tables with departures from the airport (bus stop: PORT LOTNICZY) in the direction to the city center can be found here (this website is only in polish):

After reaching the last stop (DWORZEC GŁÓWNY (DWORCOWA)), go to the tram stop located in front of the main railway station named DWORZEC GŁÓWNY, where you can take tram 8 (direction: KARŁOWICE) or tram 9 (direction: SĘPOLNO) and leave on the stop HALA TARGOWA, located about 600 meters from the conference venue.


By train:

You can reach Wrocław by train, arriving at Wroclaw’s main railway station (in polish: WROCŁAW GŁÓWNY). The main railway station is located about 1.5 km from the city center and is well communicated with other parts of the city by public transport (buses and trams).

You can then reach the conference venue by tram, from the bus/tram stop in front of the main railway station (stop named DWORZEC GŁÓWNY). Take tram 8 (direction: KARŁOWICE) or tram 9 (direction: SĘPOLNO) and leave at the stop HALA TAROWA, located about 600 meters from the conference venue.


Public transport in Wrocław:

We recommend getting around the city by public transport. Tickets for buses and trams can be bought in the ticket machine on every bus and tram (payment by bank card only) and at some bus stops.

We recommend this website to look for the public transport in Wrocław (you can choose the English language):

As start point and destination, you can put either the name of the bus/tram stop or any address in Wrocław. You can also download an app called jakdojade for android and iPhone.


City bikes:

It is possible to move around the city using city bikes, which you can take from and return to many bike stations located all around the city.

To be able to rent the city bikes, you need to download the app called Wrocławski Rower Miejski for androids and iPhones. You need to register and pay the initial registration fee (10 PLN). Using the city bike for below 20 minutes is free of charge, between 20 and 60 minutes costs 2 PLN, above 60 minutes: 4 PLN per hour (payment in the app).

More information about the city bikes, including a map of the bike stations and more details about the registration process and payment, can be found on the website: