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Information concerning the processing of personal data

1.      The Administrator of Personal Data (Administrator) is:
Włodzimierz Trzebiatowski Institute of Low Temperatures and Structural Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Okólna Street 2, 50-442 Wrocław, Poland
2.      The Institute has appointed a Data Protection Inspector, who may be contacted via the Administrator's postal address or e-mail address:
3.      Purpose of personal data processing and legal basis of the processing:
The Administrator processes personal data on the basis of premises resulting from Article 6 of the General Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council on the protection of personal data of 27 April 2016 No. 2016/679 in particular:
a.      Based on consent ;
b.      In order to conclude, perform or terminate an agreement or other legal and statutory activities of the Administrator - in this respect it concerns all preparatory activities preceding the conclusion of an agreement, organisation of scientific conferences and workshops, procedures for awarding scientific degrees, including analysis, as well as activities in the process of concluding and performing an agreement or other activities related to an agreement (e.g. powers of attorney), related to the service of a data subject, in particular related to participation in scientific conferences and workshops, participation in scientific programmes and projects, proceedings of doctoral and post-doctoral dissertation cables or agreements for renting premises and premises owned by the Administrator;
c.       In order to perform the activities in accordance with the consent given by the data subject, including for recruitment purposes;
d.      In order to perform tasks in the public interest within the scope resulting from the provisions of law;
e.      Performing legal obligations incumbent on the Administrator, e.g.: issuing and storing invoices and accounting documents, appropriate documentation and archiving of matters related to scientific processes of scientific employees and persons applying for the granting of professional titles or degrees in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws;
f.        Establishing, defending and enforcing claims, including the sale of receivables to another entity;
g.      Creation of analyses, compilations and statistics for the internal purposes of the administrator;
h.      For other purposes related to the conducted business activity, pursuing claims on account of conducting business activity and to fulfil legally justified objectives of the Company, including sales and direct marketing.
4.      Providing personal data is voluntary, however, in order to conclude and perform the agreement it is necessary, in particular administration in connection with the employment relationship, participation in conferences and scientific workshops.
 5.      Types of personal data processed: ordinary data necessary for the purposes of contract execution are processed. The Administrator reserves the right to process sensitive data in accordance with Article 10 of the General Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council on the protection of personal data of 27 April 2016 No. 2016/679 ("data on convictions") only in strictly defined cases, i.e. in situations of conviction for a crime which results in the Administrator being the victim.
6.      Personal data will be collected:
a.      directly from persons with whom the Administrator concludes agreements;
b.      from the register of entrepreneurs (currently the Central Records and Information on Business Activity) and from the database of the Central Statistical Office and entities collecting or analysing information on entrepreneurs for marketing purposes and to create lists and analyses for the duration of the agreement;
c.       from entities handling payment transactions in the case of non-cash payments;
 7.     Personal data will be processed:
a.      for the time necessary to examine the application, prepare for the performance of a given activity, and if the agreement is concluded for its duration. In case of termination of the contract, the Administrator will store the data for a specified period of time with the possibility of pursuing claims under the contract;
b.      until the withdrawal of consent - in the case of personal data obtained on the basis of consent;
8.      Everyone whose data is processed has the right to:
a.      Requests for access to your personal data;
b.      Correction of personal data when they are inconsistent with the actual state;
c.       Delete processed data, limit the processing of personal data;
d.      object to the processing of personal data
e.      the withdrawal of all or some of the consents relating to the processing of data or to the processing of specific data.
f.        file a complaint with the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection (from 25 May 2018), when he considers that the processing of personal data concerning the Customer violates the General Regulation of the European Parliament and Council on the protection of personal data of 27 April 2016 No. 2016/679
- unless there are grounds for further processing of the data by the Administrator, in particular in connection with the duration of the purpose of the processing.
9.      The recipient of the data may be:
a.      The Polish Academy of Sciences and other public and non-public higher education institutions, scientific institutes or other research and development entities, persons holding scientific and titular degrees within the framework of proceedings for the award of the academic degree of doctor or habilitated doctor of candidates;
b.      Partners cooperating with the Administrator, listed on the Administrator's website;
c.       Subcontractors supporting our services;
d.      Entities providing advisory, consulting, audit, legal, tax and accounting services, research agencies acting on behalf of the Administrator;
e.      Entities purchasing receivables - in the event of failure to pay the liabilities in due time by the data subject;
f.        Entities cooperating with the Administrator in handling accounting and legal tax matters - to the extent that they become data controllers;
10.  Personal data may be processed in an automated manner, but not in the form of profiling.

Cookies used by

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  2. Functionality – saving user’s settings, e.g., languages, consents, etc., such as:

Third-party websites to which the website might direct to may use, also, cookies other than those listed above. The website shall not be held responsible for the privacy practices of said websites. We kindly ask to get acquainted with the privacy policy established therein after going to other websites.

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Data collection

The website retains HTTP queries directed to our server. URLs identify resources. The following information is stored in the web server log files:

  • the public IP address of the computer from which the request has been made,
  • number of bytes sent by the server,
  • information about the user’s browser,
  • information about the time when data from the server has been sent.

This information does not contain data on the identity of users; however, in conjunction with other information, may constitute personal data and, therefore, the administrator shall provide it with full protection under the provisions governing personal data protection.

Use of data

Collected logs are stored for an indefinite period as an auxiliary material used for administering the site. Information contained therein is not disclosed to anyone except for persons authorised to administer the website. Based on log files, statistics helpful in administration-related purposes may be generated.