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21st International Conference on Dynamical Processes in Excited States of Solids


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From September 4-9, 2022, in Wroclaw, Poland, the Institute of Low Temperature and Structure Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences, in cooperation with the University of Wroclaw, is organizing the 21st International Conference on Dynamical Processes in Excited States of Solids – DPC 2022. It is a scientific event organized periodically since 1979 by the main scientific centers around the world; it was hosted already on every inhabited continent. The DPC conference is dedicated to new materials exhibiting luminescence and the processes that describe it and has for many years enjoyed a high reputation and esteem among spectroscopists around the world.
This year we expect about 120 participants from all over the world, including the leading countries in this field - the USA, China, Japan, India and Europe. It is obvious that the DPC 2022 conference will also showcase the achievements of Polish scientists, including the most recognized national research centers in Wroclaw, Warsaw, Poznan, Bydgoszcz, Toruń and Gdansk. In addition, we plan to give the opportunity to young scientists to participate in this conference, allowing them to present and discuss their research results with highly reputable researchers and invited experts. Discussions will cover both theoretical and practical aspects of research conducted by research teams from around the world. New technologies for the production of luminescent materials with desired and designed physical properties will be presented and discussed.
The conference events will be accompanied by presentations of the most advanced research equipment and chemical substrates needed for luminescence by sponsors such as Chemicals 101, Quantum Design, Spectro-lab, Edinburgh Instruments, Laser System Integrators and MDPI Materials
DPC 2022 will surely be a great opportunity to exchange ideas, present results and find new collaborations and friendships. Besides the lectures, the poster session, we will have the opportunity to meet and chat during coffee breaks and lunches, and we want to augment these opportunities with social events, such as a cocktail party, a guided walk in Wrocław, a conference dinner and a ferry trip along the canals of the Wroclaw Odra River.


          Prof. dr hab. Przemyslaw Dereń, Chair of DPC2022


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